Together with 10 Berlin creatives we are debunking the clichés surrounding Asia, the 'Orient' the middle east or whatever you want to call it.

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There are a lot of myths and clichés surrounding Asia, the ‘Orient’, the Middle East or whatever you may want to call that part of the world.

Together with 10 Berlin creatives we’re trying to find out:

Where do our stereotypes come from and how can we get rid of them?


In Episode I: Identities we’re talking about finding your identity, stereotypes surrounding the so called Orient and trying to find out if that place even exists.


In Episode II: Status Quo we’re talking about living and working in Berlin and the representation of POCs in arts & media at the moment.


In Episode III: Paradise Now we’re talking about what a migrant background would mean in a perfect world and how to get there.


«I’m a woman and a non-white woman at that, my background is visible for people and I don’t know how it feels to just be an individual. I don’t know that.»
Aida Baghernejad A (pop)cultural critic and journalist, presenter and PhD researcher based in Berlin. Aida writes and speaks about popular culture, food, and politics, but usually about the political on the stage, in the sound, or on a plate. Her work has been published in numerous local, national, and international publications, and she co-hosts the podcast “55 Voices for Democracy” by the Thomas Mann House and LA Review of Books.

55 Voices for Democracy Podcast
«By representing myself I try to portray love, equality, respect, communication and understanding.»
The Darvish Self-taught performance artist, creative and artistic director, and organiser of cultural events from Syria. Darvish co-hosts and co-organises Berlin’s biggest trans/queer refugee solidarity party “Queens Against Borders”, building a bridge between the LGBT MENA community and established Berlin artists. Since embarking on his dance career only three years ago, his input on the queer community in Berlin has been nothing but a remarkable success story.

Queens Against Borders
«I was often told ‚Oh you’re pretty for a Turkish girl’ and similiar things. And back then I even took it as a compliment because I couldn’t unravel it when I was younger.»
Gizem Adiyaman Political Scientist, DJ, and podcaster. Together with Lucia Luciano, Gizem aka Meg10 founded the event series “Hoe__mies” in 2017. Her approach is political: she strives to make the hip hop scene a more inclusive space by focusing on female and queer artists to challenge the male dominance in the scene. Together with Lucia, she co-hosts the German-language podcast “Realitäter*innen” on Spotify, discussing identities and topics outside the mainstream discourse with their guests, such as polyamorous dating, sex work, body positivity and more.

Realitäter*innen Podcast
«You shouldn’t have to justify yourself for who you are.»
Hakan Keppler Graphic Designer, social media expert, influencer, stylist and project manager. Hakan is a creative mind, currently working for Avec Nous Berlin and TITLE Magazine as a graphic designer, stylist, communication and project manager, as well as the CBD brand Hempvizer and his own brand Hakan Berryfinn. He is planning on creating his own agency to connect the worlds of fashion, music, and the arts, and go beyond the limits of Berlin.

«When you’re here in Germany for example and have a migratory background, then the focus is still on: ‚How are you different than me’ instead of ‚What do we have in common’»
Photo by Simon Herret
Imad El Rayess & Jessica Rees The creative duo behind “Habibi”. Since starting the brand as a side hustle during their student days, the brand has developed into a full-time business. The aim of Habibi is to destigmatize Arabic letters by bringing it into popular culture through fashion. It is their long term goal to spread the brand’s message not only through fashion, but also through art and design.

«For me the representaion of oriental and also Muslim women is still missing. Especially in Germany. »
Jouana Samia Dancer, choreographer, and founder of “THECOMPANY”. Born and raised in Berlin, Jouana’s family has roots in Lebanon. She founded THECOMPANY in 2017, focusing on training young women in dance and the arts, and empowering them to work on their own vision. As a well-known dancer and choreographer, she has shared the stage with artists such as Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea, Naomi Campbell, Ellie Goulding, the Jonas Brothers, Heidi Klum and Era Istrefi, and has worked for TV shows such as “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and the “About You Awards”. She is currently working on a new show at the renowned Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin.

«What is ‘Color’? And who can show ‘Color’? And how much ‘Color’ is ‘Color’ enough?»
Photo by Roxana Rios
Parisa Madani parisa {pah-ree-suh} // psoriasis aka b1txx3$k?llah* fka persian princis juicy gucci.
— drag queen in (private) transition.

«I don‘t want to be a fixed thing you know, I don’t want to put a frame and say ‘ok this is what I am.‘»
Rasha Nahas Palestinian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from Haifa, based in Berlin. Rasha has long been crafting a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early rock ‘n’ roll and the reckless echoes of free jazz, complemented by her distinctive approach to songwriting and performance. She has also performed and composed music for theater and performance art.

«In order to truly capture and know our own identity, regardless of where you’re born, there is a certain work that needs to be done in getting rid of your culture and all the baggage that you’re born with.»
Mentrix Post-immigrant tribal pop from the artists’ current home, Berlin and the world. Samar aka Mentrix is forever inspired by the teachings of Sufism and classical Iranian music, with her sound and songwriting reflecting her very own experience of an immigrants’ journey. She is the founder of the female-led music label “House of Strength” and an emerging voice in the post-migrant discourse.

«That’s a huge problem of the German media landscape: that they always want ‚diversity’ but never really tackle it. »
Zuher Jazmati A political educator, trainer, podcaster, DJ, and lecturer. Zuher has studied in Marburg, Kairo and London, and has spent years researching anti-muslim racism, (post-)colonialism and colonial continuities, as well as queer-feminist intersectionalities. He works as a transcultural trainer and consultant at several non-profit organisations and together with Dominik Djialeu hosts the German-language podcast “BBQ – der BlackBrownQueere Podcast”, discussing the intersections between queerness and racism.

BBQ – der BlackBrownQueere Podcast


We, as a society, as the future, and as a generation that strives for more understanding, more connection, and more togetherness, we need to educate ourselves and question the very boxes we tend to put our fellow humans in.
We put together a list of useful resources to read & listen up on topics of anti-discrimination, anti-racist work and POC-testimonials & perspectives from Berlin, Germany and the world.
Let’s rip apart those boxes ♥


MADANII & LLUCID curated a playlist to showcase some of the emerging POC talent from Berlin and Germany. Week for week it will be updated by one of the ORI3NTATION contributors who will let us in on their favorite bangers. Follow the ORI3NTATION playlist on Spotify now to listen to new music weekly!